Healing Your Chakras

Healing Your Chakras

Opening up the chakras, clearing and balancing them, is a way to allow them to heal. This can help you maintain our energetic bodies while maintaining physical health. This can be accomplished in numerous ways. Some prefer to do it themselves or to help out a family member. Still others, go to an energy healer for this type of clearing.

Chakras Defined

The chakras are energy portals, often called centers, of the energy field. They play a vital role in the overall health of these energy systems, which includes the physical body as well. The chakras are located along the central region of the body, along the spine. They run from the top of the head to the base of the spine. Many classify them as vortices in a circular pattern through which energy flows both in and out. Each of the seven main chakras correspond to particular organs, glands, and various facets of your being.

Health of a Chakra

Chakras can easily become blocked, causing an imbalance. When a chakra is blocked, the flow of energy, both in and out, is lessened or totally blocked. If they are imbalanced, one or more chakra can become over or under active when compared to the others. This can result in disturbances, some of which may be profound. These can affect a person’s life – mind, body, and spirit.

What Does It Look Like?

When all chakras are in balance and functioning properly, they are clear and vibrant in their true color. Each spins clockwise and is wide open. They also appear in balance with one another with none being overly or under active when compared to the others. Energy will freely flow vertically when fully clear.

Physically speaking, healthy chakras manifest as strong vitality and physical health, a sense of security in the world, and balanced sexuality. Additionally, a sense of strong self-worth with balanced relationships and an ability to express oneself will be present. The person will also demonstrate active intuition and sense the meaning of life with a higher power connection. While no one will fulfill every ideal, a person with healthy chakras will also be physically healthy.

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