How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

How to Develop Your Psychic Abilities

Psychic abilities may seem mysterious, even foreign. You may think those who possess such abilities are special. In a sense, they are because the may have supreme natural psychic skills. However, everyone has some element of psychic power within themselves. It is just that most never awaken those abilities.

If you are one of those who want to tap into your natural psychic abilities, there are ways to do that without a lot of special training from a mentor. One of the best ways to get started with psychic meditation.

Those who already participate in traditional meditation know it can reduce stress and bring about peace. Psychic meditation isn’t that different. The primary difference is in the goal. Psychic meditation has the goal of developing abilities while the purpose of traditional meditation is to relax.

Psychic mediation can be used simply to enhance and develop your natural gifts. These are abilities, like intuition, that everyone is born with. However, some use it to access complicated gifts, like levitation, or to become a psychic medium. The results of psychic meditation largely depend on how far you want to go with it.

Meditation works for the primary reason that it stills our minds and eliminates daily chatter that clogs it. When our minds are clear, our brains can be receptive to things like psychic information.

Science shows that meditation alters brain waves. Beta brain waves change to Theta, or even Delta waves, during mediation. Delta waves are those produced while in a deep sleep. Slowing your brain waves down to a Theta state is where enables people to access psychic abilities.

There are five things to do to create a positive psychic meditation session:

  1. Choose a regular time and place. Routine is important to practicing meditation. Meditating at the same time and place every day helps program your mind for the event.

To begin your session, sit in a place that is comfortable for you. For some, that is the floor but others choose a chair or another spot. Meditation can also be performed in a lying position, but most suggest you sit up for psychic meditation because lying down will just get you too relaxed. Wherever you sit, make sure your back is supported and place your hands’ palms up on your lap. This allows you to receive psychic information.

  1. Breathing is a big deal. You should monitor your breathing because it slows down your mind.

Close your eyes and breath. Consciously slow down each breath. This will slow down your brain wave frequency that allows you to access psychic abilities. Your mind may wander, especially if you are new to meditation. Acknowledge it and let those thoughts go. Refocus on your breathing naturally without forcing it.

If you are going to do transcendental meditation, now is the time to start repeating a mantra.

  1. Remain open-minded. This is a key element to develop psychic skills because you must be free from extraneous thoughts to allow your mind to receive psychic intel. This may take some time and patience to develop.
  2. Remain aware. You may not receive a sudden influx of knowledge.

Psychic abilities will take some time to develop and may not come in a way you suppose they would. They can come in many different ways while you are awake as well as during meditation. Some common abilities that many experiences include an emotional or physical sensation at certain times. You may also see things like words or pictures in your mind.

This can scare some people when it starts happening. While people want psychic abilities, they don’t understand them, so they fear them. You do not need to fear. Don’t try to make sense of the words or pictures yet. Just continue and let them reveal their meanings in time.

This is the time to ask a higher entity or the Universe for clarification. This is also the perfect time to start keeping a journal to document your experiences.

  1. Be patient. Many people fail at developing psychic abilities because they want quick results.

Developing these types of skills, like anything else, takes time and practice. It doesn’t happen overnight. Be persistent in meditation and practicing receiving them. As you gain psychic awareness, be sure to use them wisely. Take care with using them and pay attention to how you treat them. Be sure to respect them.

  1. Have a proper ending of a meditation session. This is an important part of any session.

How you end a psychic meditation session is just as important to how you started it. You should slowly and gently end it by coming back into your waking state. You can end it by making small, gentle movements that bring each part of your body back into a waking state. Sit in your position for a moment with your eyes open before trying to get up. This helps you process the effects of your meditation time.

Other things that may help

Some people implement other strategies to help develop their psychic abilities. There is no quick solution to gain skills, but there are other helpful things that make for a good experience.

Crystals are used because they have properties that promote health and help grow our spiritual side. Holding a crystal, such as quartz, during meditation can help you focus. Each crystal has different properties and helps in different ways, so some research on what would be best for you would be a good thing to do.

Reading books on psychic meditation could also help you as you grow in your experience. This may help you answer questions that may come up as a result of your enhanced abilities. Reading the experiences of others will also let you know the experiences you are having are normal and nothing to fear.

Enhancing natural psychic abilities could help you generally because you will have greater perception and insight that will assist in making wise decisions about who to trust and how to pursue your goals.

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