How to Know if You’ve Met an Earth Angel

How to Know if You’ve Met an Earth Angel

Earth angels, appear as regular individuals and have the goal to bring improvements to the world.  They are a gift from the divine to promote love, positivity and bring light to Earth’s inhabitants.  Also called lightworkers, they heal and aid humans as they deal with hate, oppression, violence and other dark forces.  Upon encountering an Earth angel, you will instantly feel their profound kindness, compassion and generosity to your very core.  It may even be possible you are enjoying a close bond with one of these beings as they are not aware of their true nature.

Here are ten key signs to know if you have met an Earth angel:

  1. Instant Feeling of Self-Improvement

Earth angels are sent to reduce negativity and ease human suffering.  When you meet one, you will be struck by how quickly you feel safe, comforted and happy.  Even at your worst moment you will feel instantly better being in their presence and negativity or frustration vanishes.  Nothing special is required for this shift in mindset since just being in their presence facilitates a sense of joy and positivity.  It can even be as simple as a chance encounter with a smiling stranger since Earth angels can appear anywhere at any time.

  1. Heightened Senses

Meeting an Earth angel can influence your physical self like having heightened senses.  Upon encountering an Earth angel, you will suddenly experience the world more intensely.  You will hear the flap of a bird’s wing, smell food aromas more keenly and see colors more vibrantly.  Your heightened senses will feel like you are a part of the world in a whole new and powerful way, leaving you feeling more positive and motivated.

  1. You Feel a Child-Like Enthusiasm for Life

Child experience the world in a unique happier and vivacious way.  Even the most mundane thing seems new and exciting to a child.  When you meet an Earth angel, you’ll become reconnected to your inner child.  You will find yourself appreciated each moment more deeply and become more prone to laughter, smiling and exploration.  You will have an ability to feel present in each moment and find fun or wonderment in all your experience.

  1. Your Share Your Inner Thoughts and Feelings

When you meet an Earth angel you will feel a desire to unburden yourself.  You seek to shed all fear, anxiety, sadness and anger or limiting belief.  You will know you’ve encountered an Earth angel when you feel compelled to spill your deepest fears or insight.  Earth angels are empathetic, so you can trust them with your inner world.  Having conversations with them give you perspective, hope and direction.  You will find your negativity and anxiety melts away, leaving you feelings lighter and more joyful.

  1. Improvement in Health

There is no better balm for your body, mind or soul that being around an Earth angel.  Any ailments immediate alleviates, no matter how long you have had this pain.  No one can explain the shift in circumstance for you, but no matter if it’s a touch of the hand, loving gaze or relaxing conversations, Earth angels will take away your hurts and revive you with a boost of positive energy.

  1. Being Helped by A Mysterious Stranger

If you are in trouble, Earth angel will frequently come to your rescue at time of greatest need.  However, they will often disappear before you can even thank them.  Their help can be in the form of guidance or removing you from physical danger.  But they aren’t driven or seek the acknowledgement of their heroism, so they will leave in imprint on you as a benevolent, but mysterious stranger.

  1. Sense of Unconditional Love and Acceptance

Because Earth angels are nonjudgmental and empathetic, they have the ability to see and value you as you truly are.  No matter how you feel others see or treat you, Earth angels will be generous with their attention, love and compassion.  As a result, you will have the ability to become more loving and accepting of your authentic self.

  1. You Become More Accepting

As you feel another can unconditionally accept you, so to can you being to see yourself through the same lens.  Earth angels have the purpose to encourage benevolence in all walks of life and go above petty human motivations or thoughts such as jealousy, resentment or vengeance.  When a person encounters a lightworker, they are compelled to release negativity and instead find ways to help the world around them.  Earth angels inspires people to hold themselves to the highest standards possible.

  1. You Find Your Life Purpose

Having a direct connection to the divine comes with benefits!  Talking with an Earth angel allows people to tap into their inner wisdom and strengthen their personal connection with the Universe.  When a person lacks a direction in life, they can feel empty and hopeless.  Working with an Earth Angel leads to a person discovering skills, untapped talents and most importantly, a purpose.  All this can be used to benefit the Earth and allow a person to feel more connecting to the Universal community.

  1. Renewed Awareness

Once you met an Earth angel, you will never forget it.  Earth angels have hallmark of an unwavering desire to help all they encounter.  It doesn’t matter if one believes in metaphysics or not, or if someone is from a vastly different background, an Earth Angel will intervene to improve their life.  You will be moved by the authenticity and radical honesty.  You will feel compelled to throw away masks you hide behind and embrace the wonder that is you.  You will also become keenly aware of anyone who is humble, sensitive, compassionate, empathetic and drawn to being alone for you know these all are signs of an Earth angel at work.

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