Why are Some Psychics Better?

Why are Some Psychics Better?

There are many people claiming to be psychics. Some are eerily accurate, some spot on every time. Some fall somewhere in between. This can leave you questioning what is happening and with a lack of money if you are not careful.

Equality Among Psychics

There is a common assumption among people that all psychics are somehow created equally. This would mean that they also provide the same services, but this is far from true. There will always be some psychics that should look for work in other fields, but some differences arise simply from experience or lack thereof. Not everyone will have access to the same resources as far as culture, education, and environment are considered.

Do not ever automatically assume that after a single poor reading that all psychics are frauds. Some are genuinely gifted. With a little help from this article, you will be able to find them.

What Makes Someone Better?

Anyone with any type of gift, requires practice. This includes psychics. Everyone is surrounded by psychic energy of the universe, but it takes practice to tap into these elements to create something splendid. This is what a practicing psychic does, at least those who are “professional”. A professional psychic is one who has skillfully developed their abilities over time, though some may have started in other lifetimes.


We are all, simply because we are human, naturally carrying some level of psychic ability. Our spirits provide us each with these inherent abilities. While it may be our birthright to possess this talent, we have to choose to either practice or allow it to remain dormant. The dormancy is highly personal, often associated with the learning process throughout life. While we normally learn through experience, an unexpected experience often teaches us the strongest lessons.

Those who choose to be professional psychics learn the ability through being highly aware of the physical world. A psychic has a unique connection with the five senses as preceptors of reality. This can somewhat limit spiritual communicators, creating a huge learning curve, but one that can be overcome. All psychics will make mistakes, but those who are professionals will make fewer than average.

Psychics for Your Needs

No two psychics are exactly the same, nor are all equal in abilities. While it can be difficult to rank psychics, there are some things to consider before finding the one that is best for you. Just as you do not visit a surgeon for a cold, you need a psychic that specializes in the area you are seeking advice for in your life. This can be easier, if you understand the lingo used in this trade.

  • Psychic Intuitive – This person is more like someone offering educated guesses. While they are psychic, they rely more on gut feelings and objective awareness. They are often reasonably prices and fairly accurate, with insights more helpful than most.
  • Psychic Medium – This type of psychic is adept at contacting loved ones that have passed. Their accuracy is keen, but you can expect to pay well for the service.
  • Psychic – This is an oversimplified term that requires further exploration. Ask for specifics if you are not sure of their abilities. These are usually very low cost, but will often not give highly specific answers.
  • Forensic Psychic – This is someone who specializes in crime solving.
  • Empathic, Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, or Clair essence – These are all similar forms of psychic abilities that depend on the senses. The terms help determine which sense is most used in the reading. Prices tend to be in line with intuitives as is their accuracy.

There are numerous other psychic forms and specialties, each with limitations and various price points. Ask yourself how valuable their service is to you before paying any money.

Finding a Better Psychic

Be careful what you wish for – If you believe all psychics are fake or false, then that will likely be what you find.

Look before you leap – Ask questions and get answers prior to making a decision. Check for references and consider where your money is given. Most psychics will advertise “for entertainment only”.

Be wary of additional costs – If a psychic asks for extra money for special rites or ceremonies, simply leave. A genuine psychic will respect your wishes and provide services on the agreed upon rate without adding to the cost.


Being a better psychic is more than experience, it is about having the tools necessary with passion and vision. Love and desire are what create a foundation for a good psychic. Whether you hope to become a great psychic or are searching for one for answers, the process is the same. Ask the universe for what is wanted and needed, then look for it. We need to put in the effort and pay our dues.

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