Knowing If Your Psychic is Real or a Fraud

Knowing If Your Psychic is Real or a Fraud

A psychic is someone that is meant to have extraordinary powers and someone that is able to use the senses around them to see and interpret different forces of the universe. This can be paranormal or psychic powers and it is sometimes called a “sixth sense.”  This is the intuition that a psychic can have where they can look at someone and read their aura and other energies that are surrounding the person. They can then tell what might happen in the future.

Some people that are psychics often claim to be real but not all of them are real and some of them are out to take advantage of you and to take your money.

Psychics on the Phone

There are many people that work as telephone psychics that are not real psychics. You can find ads in newspapers, magazines and online that will lead you to a psychic. These people are just actors that need an income and so they take advantage of the people by claiming to have extra senses and charging you money to give you answers.

These people are often hired by a psychic service, and they have no extra sensory skills at all. They will not be able to tell you things or to answer your questions and this can take many minutes, running up your bill and leaving you frustrated.

If you are wanting to talk to a psychic, you need to check out the reviews and the website to find out if the person is real. Look at the Better Business Bureau and find out if they have been reported for scamming people or not.

Psychics In Person

When you decide to talk to a psychic, you need to look and see if you can schedule an in-person meeting. Do they live somewhere that is nice or do they live in a dump? You need to pay attention to what they are wearing and see if they are putting on a show.

The psychic should never boost about their giftings, and they should be able to tell you things about yourself that you already know. Find one that your friends or family can suggest to you.

A person that claims to be a psychic can make a lot of money with their giftings. They should be able to be in a nice home or a nice office and if they don’t live in something nice, chances are they are lying to you.

One thing that you can look for is how they advertise themselves. Find out if they schedule appointments and what their abilities are.

If they say that they can talk to the spirit world or if they offer you 100% guarantee, then chances are they are not real because everyone knows that no one can tell the exact future because of free will.

A psychic that says that they can remover curses or can give you a love match are probably also fake, and you need to be careful who you let do a reading for you.


No one regulates the psychic communicate and so it can be easy for someone to get scammed. The client needs to take time to make sure that the person is real before they pay them. You can screen your calls, make sure that you ask questions, and you need to see if their answers seem real or if they do not seem real at all. Make sure that you ask for free minutes and you don’t give them extra money up front.

A psychic should never ask you too many questions and if you have one that is asking too many questions then it needs to be a red flag for you. They should never try to get answers to the questions that you are asking by asking you more questions.

Do not talk to a psychic when you are emotional. You might want to go to someone and find someone to talk to, but you need to make sure that your emotions are in control before you go to a psychic so that they do not pick up on that and use it as a way to take advantage of you.

What to Do and Not Do at a Psychic Reading

Make sure that you research the psychic that you are going to go to and do an internet search on who they are. You need to find a psychic that has good customer ratings and a good online site.

Compare their credentials and find out what they offer and see if they can give you what you need.

Make sure that you have your emotions in check and that you are not giving too much information about yourself before your psychic has a chance to read your energy. A false psychic will pick up on your emotions and your body expressions.

Listen to what the reader is telling you and if you feel that they are not being honest, trust your instincts. Find sites online that offer readers that are strong and real. If you feel that you are being frauded, report it to the Better Business Bureau.

Write down notes while you are there and do not let them talk you into buying things such as candles or magical items. Never pay a big price to get them to answer questions or to give you a reading.

Do not say too much about yourself or who you are and do not listen to them without having the facts.

Going to a psychic can be exciting and you can find what you are looking for if you look for a psychic like you would another professional. Do not let yourself get wrapped up in the advice that you are getting and make sure that you are doing this out of fun and not out of their exceptional powers.

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