Old Souls that Learn Things the Hard Way

Learn Things the Hard Way

Old souls are often people that are in a body that is younger, but they feel much older. They feel this way because they have lived many lives before. Their lives might have been hard, and they have a lot of knowledge and wisdom. Some people that are old souls are called other things such as empaths, outsiders, old souls and more.

Whatever they are called, their souls do not feel that they belong. They go through their journey and they try to find a place where they fit in.

Old souls will be able to tell you stories after stories and they are always teaching us things. If you are an old soul, here are some things you will learn in life.

Breaking a Cycle

You are here to break the cycle of things that are negative. This can be abuse, beliefs that have held you back or toxic habits. Your life is there to help you work through these things and learn from them.

Anything that has taken away your peace needs to be broken. Whatever patterns that are in your life that are a cycle, learn how to break them and do this by not giving up and being honorable to your life.

If you have unhealthy or negative patterns in your life, figure out what is holding you back. Maybe you talk negatively or maybe you are doing things against yourself because it makes you feel protected.

Some of the hardest things for an old soul is that they feel that they aren’t good enough. They worry about who they are, and they don’t feel like they deserve happiness.

Old souls have often been a part of hard things in their life, and they are often traumatized by things. If you are that person, chances are that you have let your beliefs hold you back.

No matter what has happened, you are worthy of a good life and you need to live the best life that you can live. If you have faced injustice, you can change the system and work to make your life better.


Old souls often fall into toxic relationships over and over because they have a pattern of being around toxic people. They have to step out of their comfort and find out how to challenge themselves to be better and to choose better people in their life.

The patterns that they follow are from wounds that they have had, and they chase after people that are not good for them. This keeps them trapped in relationships that make them in danger instead of making them safe.

Think of children that have been abused, neglected, or even bullied. What do they draw to that brings them hurt? These children are often programmed to think this kind of life is normal, but it isn’t.

Old souls learn life the hard way and they have a risk in investing in a false sense of safety. They grow and they learn new lessons. There are risk factors that they go through and they have to face them.


Old souls have to go through things but when they do, they learn to be compassionate, and they learn to look at love with love and light and they learn to set boundaries. They have self-respect and they have to go through hard things and conflict to grow and to get rid of behaviors that hold them back.


An old soul is someone that wants to be better. They want to do more than just work a job and live a hard life. They want to have courage and passion for something, and they will spend time building up their life.

It is practical to open up the goals and the talents. They will give back to those that need them so that they can grow, and they will help to serve people and help to motivate people to feel better.

Everyone has a mission, and they need to start small by thinking of what makes them feel the best that they can be. Your soul already knows what you want, reach for it.

Being Alone

Old souls will spend much of their time alone. Even though society tells you that you have to have friends and partners in your life, old souls do not socialize the same. They want to grow and spend time talking to people that are smart and want knowledge, but they don’t have strong relationships.

They will be people that give of themselves and are real people, but they love to be alone and enjoy being with themselves. They don’t just find people to be around that have silly things to do and speak.

Doing the Best

An old soul will do the best that they can to live their best life. They will do their best in their relationships and in their life. You aren’t here to waste your time giving to people that don’t care back for you.

Look at your life and see if you have a few good friends. Having one good friend can be better than having a bunch of people in your life that don’t care.

Changing Themselves

An old soul will see that they have things in their life that they need to change. They will be kind and caring and they will love others. This isn’t about finding their identity because they already have, but it is about becoming better.

When you find that you don’t let your inner being grow, you will become hidden to yourself and you will not speak and make good choices but instead you will silence what you need.

Get rid of anger in your life that you have hidden. Do not let shame hold you back. Let your inner parts come out and discover who you are.


Old souls have miracles and success in their life, and they reach abundance that they need. They often feel that they aren’t worthy in life and they are sometimes conditioned by society.

Society wants them to be someone that they aren’t, and they will not let the beliefs of society limit them.

Loving Self

These people will love themselves and will do the best that they can in order to change their life for the best. They will restrict themselves and meditate to be stronger.

They have access to the world that other people don’t have. Allow yourself to surrender and to change. Let your emotions help you to live a good life.

Deny your soul of the experiences that others want and give yourself peace and time to laugh and smile.  Do not feel guilty for what you have done and that you want to live your best life.

The things you go through will just take you to another part of your life that you will learn and grow from. Let your journey be important to your soul. Be worthy of happiness.


Make sure that you are thankful for what you have and what has hurt you and helped you. Celebrate things that you have gotten such as a good career or relationships that are good for you. Allow your trauma to be known and let yourself heal from the pain.

Thankfulness isn’t just being mindless, but it helps you to keep your emotions in check without giving up who you really are.

It means that you don’t close yourself off to people or opportunities or get angry when you are hurt. You honor your feelings and you let them come. It doesn’t mean that you don’t heal and seek help because you can do these things.

Your soul is beautiful and full of light.

Forcing Things

Some people want to make things happen fast and this can cause there to be situations that are hard. Do not be like society and see that there are things that are better in your life.

Get rid of toxic people and things in your life and let your soul grow. Have plans and keep them. Do things that you want to do.

Maybe things don’t work the way that you want them to but that is okay. Learn to find abundance anyways. Do what you have never done before. Don’t let past relationships hold you back from your destiny. Find ways that you can fit in your own life because your soul knows what you need. Your soul will save you more than you ever thought.

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