What Do Crushes Mean to Guys?

guy has a crush on you

If you have heard that a guy has a crush on you it can be difficult to know how to feel. A crush is not equal to love. A boy having a crush on you does not equate with love, though there is a possibility for this in the future or it could be a passing admiration. So, what does a crush mean to a guy? We share a few common meanings below.

You are Pretty

Men are usually attracted to beautiful women and if he has a crush on you he likely finds you physically attractive. You do not have to wear high end clothing and make-up for a man to find you beautiful because men find different types of beauty attractive. There will be someone who finds beauty in you, so be thankful when someone does.

You are Sexy

The media has created a culture that considers thin women to be sexy and many men are more attracted to this. However, not all men find slim sexy and some do not concern themselves with body size. A guy may find you sexy for your personality over your body.

You are Talented

Guys fall for gifted women, even if you do not have the perfect body or face. Do not be surprised if guys crush on you for a talent.

You are Smart

Men admire smart women just as they do talented ones and may be crushing on your mind. Physical beauty fades, but intelligence and wisdom can prove helpful over time. Most men prefer intelligence over physical beauty so do not be surprised by admirers.

You are Kind

Men are not always focused on the outward appearance; some are drawn to the inward character. No man can resist kindness so those who are kindhearted may have many admirers. Even the toughest guys long for compassion and care. Men want to end up with someone who will understand and support them at their lowest.

You Have a Sense of Humor

Guys find some women funny and a good laugh can reduce stress greatly. Most men are attracted to girls who are hilarious, bubbly, and cheerful at some point, This is especially true of introverted men who are secretly crushing on the outspoken funny girls.

You are Responsible

Everyone wants a reliable partner so dating a hard-working, disciplined woman is like finding a treasure. This can be the cause of a crush for a guy. You should be proud to be such an inspiration.

You are Strong

Women are traditionally the weaker sex, but in reality, both men and women can have strengths and weaknesses. Men are often subconsciously drawn to women whose strengths compliment their weaknesses. If a guy admires you for your strength, he can see you as a potential dependable partner.

You are Fun

Everyone dislikes toxic people, but enjoys those who brighten their day. Men appreciate the optimistic, and outgoing who can be beautiful among problems. Guys are attracted to girls with a positive outlook because they are fun to be with and can be stress relieving. This could be the cause of a crush.

You are Successful

Men often crave power and success because they are ambitious by nature. Even if they have not yet achieved this goal, they will look for those that have and admire them. If a guy has a crush on you it could be due to your achievements and boldness because he wants to be like you.

You are His Ideal

One of the most awesome reasons for a crush is that you fit a guy’s ideal. You are the embodiment of what he is looking for in a partner. He could be attracted to your unique combination of traits. If you agree about him, there may be an instant spark.


Remember, a crush is different from love. He is attracted and admires you, but do not assume too much just yet. Crushes tend to be fleeting. Be approachable and treat them as friends while enjoying the moment. Who knows what will ultimately develop?

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