Learn to Stop Taking Things Personally

Stop Taking Things Personally

People tend to be naturally defensive and when we feel that we are threatened, we can cause the situation to become negative. This kind of situation can leave us feeling upset and angry. It is easy to misunderstand different people because everyone communicates differently. Understanding how different people communicate such as friends, families and coworkers … [Read more…]

Self-Care for Geminis

Self-Care for Geminis

When the season of social twins, the Gemini, begins, their energy gets a huge boost from the universe. Everything appears heightened during this time which includes a need for self-care. If you happen to be a Gemini, this guide can hep you get the necessary self-care using self-care activities that are designed just for the … [Read more…]

What is Clairaudience?


Being clairaudient means that you have a clair gift and you are able to hear things inside of yourself. This is a gift that can give you different answers to questions. Once you reach your higher being and you embrace your gift, you can communicate with your guides and your angels and you can hear … [Read more…]