Protecting Yourself from Energy Vampires

Energy Vampires

An energy vampire is someone that preys on your energy and will drain you. These people cannot live without taking your good energy and giving you their negative energy.

An energy vampire can be a boyfriend, girlfriend, teacher, friend, family member or just about anyone in your life.

Soulmate relationships are so strong that they can drain you from your energy. These relationships are very deep and even though they are strong, they sometimes need to be healed so that things can be healthy.

If a soulmate relationship is full of negativity and pain, chances are it will be almost impossible for the relationship to end up working out.

Energy is all around you and when you have karmic and spiritual energy around you, it can cause you to draw people close to you in your life. You will find that there are people such as your twin flames or your soulmates that will attract energy, rather negative or positive.

Soulmates will go through many different challenges in their relationship and even though there are challenges, it isn’t meant to be an energy vampire relationship.

Energy vampires have a negative life, and they absorb the energies of those around them. These are people that are mean to others, that pretend to love you and care for you, but they are negative and hard to get away from.

Dealing with Energy Vampires

If you want to deal with an energy vampire, you have to let go your feelings for them. Stop thinking negatively about them and allow there to be peace in your heart and mind.

Know that the way that they act is on them and that you do not have to give them permission to take your energy from you.

Use light and keep yourself safe instead of reacting to them, take time to meditate and to stay calm.

Know that you have a purpose and that your connection is there to help you to learn and help you to reflect on things going on around you.

When you imagine a white light around yourself, you will see that there is a light that can protect you and then no matter what an energy vampire says to you, you cannot be affected by it.


Know your worth. You have to realize that you are worth more than you are giving yourself credit for. Learn to be around people that are positive and try to remove yourself from negative energies around you. Figure out a way to embrace the life around you and keep yourself protected.

You are an amazing person and when you are forced to deal with energy vampires, you will see that you are strong and that you can stop them from stealing your energy.

Keep your energy strong and always be positive and this will be the best way that you can combat the relationships that come into your life that are negative.

No one has room for negative energy and if you are in a relationship where you are with an energy vampire, limit your time and get your energy strong.

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