How to Get Rid of Karmic Debt Easily

Karmic Debt Easily

Meditation is a very powerful tool that can be used for different things and at different times. Meditating is also one of the best and easiest ways that you can get rid of karmic debt. If you are needing to get rid of blockages of karma in your life, you can cleanse your karma through meditation and learn to find your higher being.

All masters know that meditation is powerful, and the reason is that you are going further in and into your heart instead of what is just on the physical. This can help to heal your body and to clear the mind, making you open to what is happening in the spirit world.

Even in ancient times, people realized that you could reach your higher being when you learn to meditate.


Sages and other mystical beings would use meditation to discover their powers and to help communicate with the higher power.

There are some types of meditation that are extremely easy and when you need to get rid of karmic debt, meditating can help you.

Everyone has three bodies, the physical, astral and casual body. The physical body is controlled by nature and the elements and the astral body, the emotions and the casual body is what holds on to your karmic debt.

Each action and thought that we have is what causes us to have karma. Karma can come as good or bad depending on if you spread the light or if you spread the darkness.

Meditating can help you to spread good light and help you to use your cosmic energy to make the best of your life. When you use your casual body, you are able to use all three parts of your body.

Types of Cosmic Powers

There are seven different cosmic powers, and it depends on what is going on in the body as how these powers lay hold. The casual body will run on three elements and the astral body on five.

All of the physical sicknesses and diseases that you have a casual disease, and this happens by what you desire and the intentions that you have for others. When the casual body is silenced or when there is pain, this can cause karma to build.

When someone has a disease, it can cause their astral body to suffer and this is why meditating can help to get rid of sicknesses. By saying positive affirmations, you can clear your casual and astral body and learn to keep your physical being strong.

Peacock Fathers

Most people do not have peacock feathers and karma is normally something that is lodged into the body making it receptive of what is going on around it.

The way that someone’s body can help depend on the sicknesses and the problems that they have. Some people have to get rid of their karma to feel better and they can do this through meditation.

The masters would use meditation and cosmic energy because they knew that they were able to handle things better and to tap into the energy that is ran in the casual, astral and physical being. If one form of the body is ill, the whole body is ill.

Meditating and Prayers

Meditating can help to make the body strong and can help to keep the sickness out of the body.

Meditation calms your mind and allows you to reach your cosmic powers and to absorb good energy. When this happens, it can cause the body to get rid of karmic debt.

Meditation is something that is often pushed by the masters because it allows you to be stronger and to pay back your karma.

If you want to get rid of karma, using meditation is the way. There are different kinds of mediation and people are often seeking new ways of mediating. There is chakra meditating, Kundalini meditation and various other forms that can help you to be stronger.

If you want to meditate and you want to meditate where you feel that five minutes doesn’t bore you to death, the best way is to sit quietly and shut down your mind. Imagine talking to your master and getting answers that you need.

You can do this for five minutes at first but as you learn to see how great meditation is, you will value it more and more. You will learn to chant and to concentrate on the things around you and to have love and prayer that will help you in your life.

Simple Meditation

The easiest way to meditate is to mediate on your god or goddess. You can do this for a few minutes and then as you get used to it, you will learn to love it and will want to do it longer.

If you don’t know of a master in your life, you can focus on your breathing and learn to deep breathe and exhale to calm down.

If you have problems breathing because of health problems, you need to just learn to focus on your breathing and your eyes and allow your mind to relax. Doing this while focusing can help you to feel better and help you to focus on good things around you.

You will see that you will hear things in your spirit, and you will learn to see what matters to you and what happens in your life.

Shutting Eyes Meditation

Another way to meditate is to shut your eyes and breathe. If you have a master, talk to them and name them while you breathe in and out. Learn to pray and learn to believe in what you are saying. Chant by saying “raaa” or do other chants such as “mmm.” Doing these chants can help you to concentrate on what is important.

You can then try to combine all of the different forms of mediation and focus on what you need in your mind, body and soul.

Learn to see what is important to you and allow the cosmic energy to enhance your life and your physical being.

Learn to simply meditate and balance your karma and keep your body and your health strong. Know that this will work inside of you and outside of you as well.


Meditation can help you to be in harmony with yourself. When you are going to sleep, practice being calm and meditating. Focus on what is good.

Meditation should be peaceful and should help you to feel blessed. Learn to jump out of your bed and meditate right away for a few minutes so that you can have a good day.

Meditate in a way that makes you feel strong and cleanses you from all of the sickness and negativity in your mind, body and soul. Be mindful of your purpose and realign your shape and your life.

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