Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Symptoms of a Spiritual Awakening

Many people want to know what it means to go through a spiritual awakening. There are different things that an awakening is called such as enlightenment or wakefulness but the characteristics of all of these things is the same.

We can look at the different symptoms that someone will go through when they have a spiritual awakening, and all of these can happen at around the same time and with different degrees of intensity or not.

One thing about a spiritual awakening is that you will have variations depending on where you are in your life and what you are open to. Each person will go through something different.

When you look at the word wakefulness, you can find it as being spiritual awake. This can be very strong or not intense at all and there are different levels of people and their wakefulness. If you have a strong level of well-being, chances are your spiritual awakening will be easier and you will have a lower intensity of wakefulness.

There are different characteristics that are common when going through an awakening.

New Perspective

One of the biggest signs of a spiritual awakening is how you begin to see things differently. When you had one worldview and then all of a sudden, the things you believed before are getting replaced with other beliefs, this can be a sign that you are seeing the world through spiritual eyes.

You can see the world as a child sees it or you might learn to change your feelings towards certain things.


When you go through your awakening, you might see things like a child. You may begin to see the universe as something beautiful and wonder about the life inside of it. People that go through their awakening stop taking things for granted and they learn to see that their life is amazing.

Some people will even begin to see nature differently and will fall in love with plants, animals, and other people.


Your conscious level might change, and you might find peace and prosperity in your life. Your relationships will get stronger and you will become more open. Chances are you will be sensitive to the world around you and if this is really intense for you, you might feel that your awakening is better than you expected.

Someone that is spiritually awake will sometimes see things form a different view and they will feel things as more real and fresh. Life will seem more alive and you will see that things like cooking or eating are pleasurable.


Another symptom of your awakening can be the way that you experience time. Maybe you were always struggling with time and now all of a sudden you see things differently.

You might see your past, present and future as different and you will learn to see individuals and people as different and you will be able to look at your past events and move forward in your future.

You might imagine your future and set goals for yourself and use the experiences that you have to help you be more open.

The past and future were something that were created by humans and when you become more about the spirit, you will begin thinking differently and see that you can let go of your ego and let time slow down for you.


You will feel the presence around you of the spirits when you become more open. You will see that life is strange and that you can have different closeness with nature and with the universe. You will also want to manifest spirits to you so that you can get help you need.


One sign of your awakening is that you will want to be more connected to what is around you. You will see that things are not always just biological and that you can feel close to things such as nature, seas, clouds and more.

You will learn to be more awake and you will feel a connection with things around you. You will want to live in harmony with nature and with man and you will want to feel alive.

You will marvel at the world around you and you will see that there is a spiritual force that is full of love and energy. You will know that water is there, and it is wet but that there is also a harmony that you feel when you are in water.

Your awakening will be a universal thing and you will want to do what you can to be connected. You will lose your boundaries because you will want to be close and one with everything in the universe.

New Self

Your spiritual awakening will make you feel better about who you are. You will feel yourself and have a sense of a new identity. You will feel like you have been reborn.

You will see this as a shift and your mind and body will be reminded and you will feel that you are experiencing dramatic changes and inner changes. You will feel like you are someone completely different.


Your awakening will help you to get rid of drama and noise in your mind and spirit. You will be able to be in control of your mind and will stop worrying about what you are hearing.

You will learn to daydream and to pay attention to things that are important. You will be immersed in your thoughts and they will be of your inner self. You will get rid of negative emotions and disconnect with things that bring you down.

Someone that is awakened will use their mind and will make it quiet. They will be able to concentrate on what the spirit world is telling them, and they will be in complete control of their feelings.


You will learn to be connected with things in your life. You will be connected to the universe and each other. You will feel one with things around you.

You will manifest your feelings, and this can be a different degree of intensity for people going through their awakening and you will see the natural world as strong and forceful.

You will be whole with the universe and you will be connected to it. When you connect with your spirit at a higher level, you will feel intense and you will feel that you are unified with things around you. You will feel that the world is part of a beautiful thing and that it needs you.


Once you go through your awakening you will feel more compassion for others. You will love animals, children, and people. You will love those that are humans and even objects.

You will want to comfort those that are hurting, and you will be touched by the pain that others have. You will want to be empathy and feel what others are feeling and you will share your compassion and love with them. You will see what other people see and feel what they feel.

Well Being

People will see who they are inside when they go through their awakening. They will be content with their life and they will get rid of future worry and fear. You will see that you are not negative, and you are not bored or lonely. You will see that the negative feelings you have had in the past are gone.

You will begin to appreciate others and you will have a newfound freedom. You will want to know what others want and you will get rid of any suffering.

No Fear of Death

Fear is one thing that many people have but when you go through your awakening you will have less fear. Your ego will not be as strong, and you will be able to face death. You will achieve happiness in your life, and you will know that there is life after death.

You will decrease your fear of death and you will separate your ego from your mind, and you will learn to depend on what the universe has to offer you. You will let your identity grow.

An attitude change will happen and the way that you see death and the spiritual world will change and you will continue to exist after your body dies.

You will stop seeing the world as a materialistic thing and you will be clear that there is a way that you will transcend, and your brain and your identity will stay the same.

New Mind

You will have a new mind and you will change the way that you see yourself and others. You will want to understand people and yourself.


When you sleep you will have a stronger state of identity. You will be fragile, and you will see your achievements as something great. You will see your ego, but you will be in control of it. You will see your life as religious and you will love who you are.

The awakening that you go through will show you that you do not have to belong and that you are not defined by what you do and who you are but you are defined by your awakening. You will see that there are others that are in different ethnic groups and cultures and you will not label them or treat them different than you treat yourself.

You will see that people are all the same and that your traditions are all that is different. You will show the truth and you will love being truthful.

Universal Outlook

A sign of your spiritual awakening is how you change your outlook of life. You will see that you are no longer occupied with your personal problems and that you are not the center of the universe.

You will be aware of your individual differences and your responsibilities and you will be more ethical. You will not exploit people or be overly aggressive, but you will see that you need to treat others with love and care.

Being aware of your environment will be a big sign and you will want to be good and treat the environment well.

The awakening will mean that you no longer listen to social or global issues, but you take them as personal issues and you try to solve them.

You will care about people that are poor and those that are treated unequally. You will pay attention to climate changes and you will want to help make things right.


The sense of your morality will change. You will be ethical and responsible. You will treat others with compassion and love. You will have unconditional love for yourself and for others. You will be kind to others, and you will hold on to your religion and ideas but not discriminate against others.

Moral awakening will mean that you know what is good and bad and right and wrong and you will try to have strong morals. You will want justice and fairness and you will follow the laws of the land.

You will sacrifice your own well-being for others, and you will want to uphold moral laws.


When you sleep you often change your perspective but now while you are awake you will have feelings of being thankful for things around you. You will no longer be dissatisfied but you will appreciate what you have and want more.

Those that are awakened will feel more thankful for what they have, and they will feel a strong sense of healthiness and freedom.

You will want to be innocent like a child and you will want to bless others and be thankful for small things that have come in your life.

The sense of appreciation that you have will help you to be satisfied and open. You will understand the world more and you will want to take on new challenges and do things such as travel and take care of others.


You will change your behavioral characteristics and you will be strong and see inner changes in your life and in the world. You will change your habits and get rid of bad things in your life.


People believe different things but with the enlightenment, you will look at what you believe, and you will question it. You will put yourself through trials and see how you can stand. You will realize what is wrong in your life and you will do what you can to make it better.

When you are spiritually awakened, you will be strong and compassionate for the universe. You will want to stop other people form suffering and you will want to change the world to make it a better place.

You will be on a mission to get rid of confusion and chaos in the world and bring harmony. You will no longer have to find things to do because you will be busy in who you are and, in your awakening, and you will enjoy things in life deeply because you are different.


Awakened people love to enjoy life. They want quiet and solitude and they are happy no matter what they are doing. They just want to get rid of the business and chatter in their life and they are at peace even when they are asleep or awake.

They have harmony in their thoughts and will find fun activities to do that will allow them to be who they are. Being awake means that they will no longer need to be distracted or fear the quiet, but they will embrace it and love it.

You will find passion in your life and you will change what your identity means. You will see others as special and you will put effort in waking up because you will want to be what the universe wants you to be and to feel what the universe wants you to feel.

Power and success will be difference for you and it will no longer be just a career or a job or a relationship but it will be your life mission to do what is better in the universe and what is better for your inner self. You will care about the world and you will see that you can make a difference in who and what you do.


You will find attachment in things but not in possessions. Your attachments will be where you love others and you are attached to things in the universe. You will be strong and no longer insecure. You will show your intellect and you will serve others.

You will see that you are a fragile person and you will be vulnerable, but it will be a good thing. The energy that you see of others will be ones that let you focus on your life and what you can do for others.


You will be who you are and who you are meant to be. You will go along with things in your life and learn to understand the lifestyle of others.

You will experience things that help you identify with other cultures and to be confident in what you do.  You will live your life based on what you feel and not what is expected of you.

You will realize that you were not really living a good life and that you were just going with the flow. Now that you are awakened, you will have a sense to live and you will follow your impulses. You will see things as strong and you will no longer follow social norms or want to be trendy.

You will direct your life to your inner being and you will learn to understand the different cultures and you will value others for who they are and what they believe.

Being awakened means you will not want to impress people with what you have or how you look, and you will no longer be conventional with people.

Your new self-will shock people because you will no longer have to tell them your opinion or base your life on what you want but you will be about others and you will listen to what they have to say. You will show how wise you are and how caring when you converse with others and you will care about simple things in life.


Strong relationships will be new for you when you go through your awakening. You will learn to contribute to your relationships without problems but with love and deepness. You will be authentic in your relationships.

Relationships for those that are awakened will be strong and will be authentic. You will give to the relationship and you will express yourself. You will be tolerant and understanding of others and you will no longer judge everyone for what they do.

When someone reacts to you with anger, you will react with peace and love.

There will be a stronger connection that you will have with others and if you used to be insecure, you will no longer be that way. You will no longer be self-centered and all about you, but you will be about others.

You will change your focus and you will learn to love others and to give yourself to people around you. You will give them your attention and you will show them that you love and care about them.

The impressions that you make for others will be good but not because you want to impress them but because you will change the way that you see things and you will want to be kind, loving and compassionate. You will see the world as interesting and you will see others as needing to be awakened just like you are.

The problems in your relationships will no longer be from you but from others and you will learn to be in control of your thoughts and your feelings so that others can see you for who you are and see you as different than you used to be.

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