Understand the 6 Benefits of Meditation

Understand the 6 Benefits of Meditation

Many people see meditation as a strange and odd habit. They envision it as sitting cross-legged on the floor in a room full of candles chanting. While that is certainly, one way to do it, that isn’t all meditation is.

Meditation, in its truest form, is simply focusing your attention on something. The Bible says to meditation on the Scriptures day and night. That indicates that you can meditate throughout the day or night while you are doing other things.

Meditation is redirecting your focus to something beyond yourself, be it God or your inner being. It is very much a spiritual thing no matter how, when, or why you do it.

There are six benefits to meditating regularly. Look at each and see how your life can be enhanced with meditation:

  1. It helps you connect with yourself in a higher way.

Mediation helps us, deep-dive, into ourselves and discover new things about ourselves. That can include our passions, desires, and life calling. It also could bring up the nasty stuff you need to deal with like past regrets and unforgiveness.

  1. It gets rid of the yucky stuff.

Our energy, including our minds and thoughts, need deep cleaning sometimes. Once you start uncovering all the nasty stuff, meditation can also help you get rid of it. It sort of acts as a duster to get rid of cobwebs and start fresh daily. That raises your vibration, creates peace, and grounds you.

  1. Meditation helps gain emotional balance.

Your emotions can get out of whack fast. It could be a lunar cycle, hormones, a life event, or something else that tilts them out of scale. Meditation has a way of wiping away the importance of all these things, including past experiences and see the world the way it is right now. This new perspective helps keep your emotions in check.

  1. Meditation increases your spiritual health.

A quiet moment of meditation where you block out distractions and just listen will take you out of a world that overwhelms you and allows you to take a step back and simply watch. It gives your brain time to regroup and process real-world events. That helps you spiritually and gives you peace.

  1. Meditation increases your intuition.

Intuition can be helpful in that it seems to know more than your conscious mind. It can guide you to good decisions and lead you on a positive path. Intuition can be enhanced with meditation because it tunes your mind to focus on your spiritual side. That allows your intuition to work better.

  1. Meditation improves your memory.

This is a benefit most people don’t realize, but meditation can help improve your memory. That’s because it adjusts brain waves to reduce distractions. Clearing these paths and reorganizing them helps you focus on the task before you and recall information more easily.

Learning to Meditate

There is no secret ritual needed to meditate. It is very simple. The best advice is to pick one place to sit to do it regularly and try to establish a specific time daily to do it. Avoid distractions and close yourself off from spouse, kids, or other family members.

You can add reading some Scripture, proverbs, or inspirational writing to enhance your experience. Sit and let your mind go. In your mind, start throwing out all the “trash” you find, even verbally telling yourself to get rid of it. Then, start thinking about positive things in your existence like love and hope. Express words of gratitude. Then, just ask for guidance. The most important thing to do then is just listen.

You don’t need to do this for a specific time. Take as long as you need it. You will feel refreshed and empowered when you are done.

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