8 Ways the Universe Signals Love is on its Way to You

8 Ways the Universe Signals Love is on its Way to You

When love finds you, it can feel like everything in life is magical and meaningful.  You suddenly know why past romances failed and what you learned about yourself along the way.  You feel like things sudden fit into place and together you both can conquer any obstacle.  However, before you and your partner ever met you will both experience signs of love’s imminent arrival.  Pay close attention so you can remove any hurdles, be they emotional, psychological or physical so you can more easily enjoy this special time.  The Universe is constantly communicating with us, but only we can work to receive and honor these messages.  Here are eight signals the Universe is letting you know love is about to enter your life!

  1. You sense the time is right

You begin to have a repeating thought about an ideal quality in your next mate.  When you meet your partner, you will notice that this theme is represented either by an image in clothing or accessory, or perhaps it is causing brought up in your first date conversation.  This is because you both have a share sixth sense that this union is fated.  You both feel at immediate ease with each other and your flow is like second nature.  Trust your feelings and follow the path the Universe is laying out before you.

  1. You have vivid romantic dreams

It seems like every night you have dreams about fulfilling love and you wake up with a smile on your face.  You might begin to recognize the cute girl from your subway commute or the handsome guy who makes your favorite sandwich.  Pay close attention to the people you encounter and notice when you have a quick feeling of ease or instant connection.  Remember dreams involve our subconscious and spirit talking to us without a filter, so these dreams means love is around the corner and be receptive to the wonderous possibilities.

  1. Numbers become meaningful

The Universe loves to send us messages through the use of numbers.  Sequences like 1111 or 111 are known as ‘angel numbers.’  Notice numbers that frequently show up in your life, from patterns on a bill, to license plats or a dog-eared page in a library book.  Meaning that you give these numbers can give greater power to your future.  Angel numbers allow you to move on from an old phase in life to a more exciting opportunity.  Allow yourself to be open to new possibilities and experiences, the Universe is allowing blessing to enter your life.

  1. Random repetitions are powerful indictors of new opportunities

When the universe tells you love is on its way, it will frequently be sense in a ‘nonsensical’ and recurring loop.  You may notice a sudden song begins to play in each store or café you enter.  You might see an image of a particular place in every magazine or website you read.  It might feel like if you see a person the next time that song place or run into them at that spot picture, you will have a life changing moment.  Honor that feeling because it just might be true!

  1. You embrace new experiences with vigor

In the wake of failed love, you have emerged knowing more about yourself and what is important to your life.  You are clear on who will make a beneficial partner for you and what you have to offer as a romantic partner yourself.  This is wonderful, as the Universe was waiting for you to reclaim your power and potential.  As it sees you are open to new opportunities it will provide you will people who share your goals and energetic vibrations.

  1. You find your life joyful and satisfying

You are finally at a healthy place in your life.  You feel secure professionally and personally.  Your relationships feel easy and rewarding.  You are satisfied with the growth you have done to make your life as beneficial for yourself as possible and embrace your quirks.  This allows you to appreciate others for how they are and not for what you wish they could become.  It is important that everyone in your life, including yourself, remain accountable for needs, goals and actions to life can be fulfilling all-around.  This allows you to meet other people who vibrate at higher frequencies and share a commitment to embracing universal love.

  1. Love seems omnipresent

It seems like you can’t (and don’t want to) shake off this pair of rose-colored glasses!  The universe is sending you an abundance of love and that feeds your search for your soulmate.  You are radiating positivity and a desire to benefit all of humanity.  This is a clear sign your love is about to meet you soon!

  1. Your faith becomes stronger

Your trust in the goodness of the universe or Divine is unwavering.  You honor the role of destiny and spiritual flow.  You can easily talk with the Divine, angels or spirit guides and trust they will clear your path of any obstacles.  You trust these beings have your best intentions at heart, and will send you the ideal life partner at the right time for you both.

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