What Are Sacred Numbers?

Sacred Numbers

Many people talk about lucky numbers and they talk about how numbers aren’t a coincidence. Some numbers are more significant than others while some can tell future events, others can tell about your life. How do you see numbers? Do you find the sacredness in numbers to be real?

Sacred Number History

Numbers have been around forever and some believe that this is called Gematria. This means that the King of Assyria had a system of understanding numbers. They would calculate numbers and give them a value and these numbers would bring knowledge and ceremonial magic.

Ceremonial Magic

There were many people that believed in ceremonial magic with numbers. These numbers could be good or evil such as 666 being an evil number. The tradition of this number can be called different things such as the Tree of Life Number, the Path 31 number and more.

The number 666 was Alister Crowley’s magical tradition and personal number, and it was created for priests that would give offerings to the gods Ra and Horus.

Number 777

The number 777 is sometimes called an angel number. This is considered a sacred number because 7 if a number that means beautiful things. When you see this number, it can mean that the gods are watching over you and that you are in harmony with the universe. It can also mean that you are going to lead people on the right path.

Number 666

This number can be scary to some, and some believe in means the devil. This can also mean that evil is following you and is sometimes found in horror movies. The number 6 is not a perfect number because if falls short since the 7 is the perfect number.

This number represents the beast in Revelations in the Bible, and it can also represent the Dragon. Some people are afraid of this number and they refuse it as their address or as other parts of their life.

Lucky Numbers

No one number is better than another number but some believe that there are lucky numbers that bring them good luck. Everyone has their own special number that they love.

Number 3

This number is sometimes considered lucky because it is the first number that looks like a shape. It can represent the past, present and future and the beginning, middle and end. There are three ages of women such as the mother, maiden and crone and the goddesses of Morrigan were all seen in three’s.

Number 7

This number is considered lucky because it means good luck and confidence. When you see this number you can believe in yourself. Ancient Chinese believed this number to be associated with the Yin and yang and considered it very lucky.

Muslims believe that the number is about the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Number 13

The number 13 is also considered to be lucky and works with people in a perfect circle. This can also mean a magical gathering. It is considered good luck in France and in Italy and can mean that you win the jackpot.

Some hate the number 13 and consider it to be bad luck such as Friday the 13 but this is a lucky number in Chinese that means growth.

Numbers and Dates

Numbers that repeat and work with dates can be messages from the universe. If you have a number that works with a special date in your life, then this can be a sign that your guides are trying to show you.

Some believe that there is a pattern in recurring dates and numbers and that this can mean that they are going to have better luck when these numbers come around.

Sacred Years

There are many people that believe that some years are very sacred and lucky. But sometimes they are disappointed when these times happen because they don’t bring the luck that they expected.

Year 2000

Many people believed that the year 2000 was going to bring the end of the world. The Y2K was something known and was supposed to crash all of the technology around the world. People thought that this was going to cause people to not be able to get food or to live a normal life.

Others believed that this was going to be a time of Armageddon and that the Bible prophecies would be fulfilled during this yar because when it was totaled it equaled 666.

Many people did die in this year but nothing exciting happened. This was a year just like every other year and even though there were many prophecies, some as old as 20 years, didn’t come to pass, nothing terrible came from it. Some believed that the moon would be turned to blood and that there would be much change, which there wasn’t.

Year 2012

This is a year that the Mesoamerican long calendar led people to believe that the end of the world would happen. Since this was a new era, some believed that the world would be destroyed in this year. This was a time that brought people fear and people expected there to be much destruction.

When people are afraid of the unknown, they sometimes let destruction happen but nothing happened this year. There wasn’t a colliding in the earth and stars, the gravity didn’t change and nothing significant happened that caused our world to be unbearable.

Even though nothing bad happened this was a year of change when many nations were affected by polio disease and book production began to change to digital format. This was a time when President Barak Obama was voted in as the first African American president.

Number 0

This number has many significant meanings. It can mean no value or nothingness. It has the potential to be the beginning of something new. It also can mean void.

This number represents the Fool tarot card and can mean that the fool is going on a journey with just a small amount of things. He is accompanied by a dog and sometimes it shows him without his pants on and his bare bottom showing. This can mean imperfections and being weak. He is putting seeds in the ground which can mean having faith but can also mean to not plan things. Even though the fool is not planning he seems to look confident and successful as he goes. He isn’t worried about failing.

When you believe in yourself you can accept change in your life. You can take what is given to you and do great things with it. The number 0 can be very sacred to many.


Numerology is a system that allows people to look at numbers and add them together to come up with another number. Some will take their date of birth and move it to a single digit where they can tell more about their job, personal life and traits.

Sacred Numbers

It is important to notice numbers that seem to be repeating or that feel sacred in your life. These numbers can give you messages that you are hoping for and help you to be more self-aware. Let the numbers around you bring you luck and to guide you. Be aware of the numbers and what they mean for you and for those around you.

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