Spirit Guides to Guide and Protect You

Spirit Guides

Developing your spirit is very important and if you are strong in your spiritual being then you have probably heard of spirit guides. Even though most people have heard about them, most people do not know that there are seven different kinds.

A spirit guide is a person that will guide you and protect you. They are incarnate beings and there are seven different kinds including:

  • Animals
  • Ancestors
  • Nature Spirits
  • Angels
  • Masters
  • Star Beings
  • Gods and goddesses

Everyone has at least one spirit guide, but many people have a whole team of spirit guides. They come for a period of time to help you and to help you grow.

Are Spirit Guides Real?

Most people will admit that they believe in non-human beings even though the mainstream western science feels that the world has no ghosts or spirits and that there is a natural law that people are aware of and believing in spirits might be considered arrogant.

When you see different cultures and what they believe in, you might find that there are spirit guides that can communicate with you. They can help you each and everyday in what you do in your life. More than 50% of people in the world believe in angels while there are more than 70% of people that have experienced the paranormal world.

When you think about spirit beings, communicating with them can seem like an adventure and it is important to know more about them.

Seven Different Spirit Guides

There are seven different spirit guides that are going to be discussed int his article:


Angels come from the Greek and it means messenger. These are spirits that will work between you and the spirit world and they are known in different religions.

Many different cultures believe in angels including Greeks, Egyptians, Sumerians and more. Each person has their own angels that are there to help them and give them love and protection.

Angels have never been human before, but they will sometimes show themselves in human life form but with wings and this helps them communicate with us better.

There are different kinds of angels and most of them are known as Cherubim, Seraphim and Archangels. One famous archangel is Michal who helps protect people.

Nature Spirits

Nature spirits are called elementals and there are different kinds of them such as sylphs, brownies, mermaids, fairies, elves, gnomes, leprechauns and more. These spirit guides are there to help people connect with the earth.

These guides can communicate with people and we can understand them, and they are often seen in movies or read about in books.

A spirit guide that is a nature spirit can help you and will help to care for the earth and keep your environment healthy and strong.


Having an ancestor that is a spirit guide is someone that is from your past life. This can be someone that is a relative or a mentor and someone that shares the same interests that you have and wants to help you get stronger in your talents.

Ancestors are good spirits and can help you when you have to deal with family problems or if you want to gain a certain skill. They can also help you not to be afraid of dying.

When you work with your ancestor spirit guides, they can help you to get rid of past life karma and problems that come with it such as murder, addiction, suicide, culture tragedy, religion and more.


Ascended masters are spirit guides that have lived as human beings in different lifetimes. They are a high-level spirit and they have reached enlightenment. They are part of their higher self and they have the “I Am” presence which means they are reincarnated in a karmic circle but make sure to reach the higher dimensions.

All humans can have Ascended master, but they all teach the same truth and do not speak likes or illusions.

Star Beings

A star being or an alien is someone that comes from a different planet or star. They are from different places that we know of such as Sirius or Arcturus and many other planets or universes.

Having a star being as a spirit guide can mean that you are a Starseed which means you have lived on other planets before and you are an ambassador to that star. They can have a physical form or come from a different plane.

If you have a very smart or detached personality and love science fiction, chances are you have a star being.

Gods and Goddesses

There are different faces from time and many people that are called divine. Gods and goddesses have different personalities and different energies.

You can connect with them when you are connected to divine energy and they will help you to focus on things in your life that you need help with. This guide can be from different cultures or different spiritual ideas such as Native American, Greek, Chinese or more.

There are times when this person can be from your own culture and they can come from different parts of the world. This is a past life connection that you want to explore but always respect different cultures.


Having an animal such as a spirit animal or a totem is a powerful connection. These spirit guides are there to protect you and can be different than what you would normally choose.

You do not want to make the power seem small because you were chosen for a reason. An ant, for example, could choose you to show you how strong being a part of a community is and that you need to start a network for your career.

You could meet a bee that shows you how working hard can pay off or a slug that can show you how to be sensitive and how to communicate better in your life.

Animal spirits can be mythical animals such as dragons and they are there to help you heal or to help you fight through a problem.

Take time to understand the different spirit guides that might be a part of your life.

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